DHOME Construction is a division of PENTAQ Group , which was established in NSW in 1993. The Group has diversified interests including technology, manufacturing and property development projects with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and India.

We pride ourselves in offering continued support and service to our clients with extensive expertise and experience in the building and construction industry. Our highly devoted and experienced team assists our clients every step of the way throughout their development project to result in our clients having their project run smoothly with minimal stress and hassles.

Our Approach

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of the building industry which allows us to pass this on to our customers. We will guide you around the pitfalls from the early planning stages, to the council approval process, project management, building and to the final occupation certification process

At DHOME, we make sure that our clients are being assisted to get their project over the line and can have a trusted team in their corner when taking on daunting projects.