Consulting, Planing, Design and Approvals

Our commitment is to provide a smooth passage through the entire build process  from the start to finish.  Our team will provide guidance and  assistance for all applicable regulations and approvals from relevant authorities

If you already have deigns and ideas, we can advise on the compatibility with the land and environment as  per  guidelines; or alternately we will be happy to discuss design options suitable  to your requirements. Our engineers and building certifiers are experienced and accredited and will be involved from the early design stages to getting plans submitted and approved for approval.

We endeavor to  provide all costs upfront for all stages to  completion of these requirements,  and any other optional items if relevant. You then have the option to continue with our services  for the next stage of your development, or use this approvals for your choice of builders and contractors.







We can assist you with the following services on your project:

Building Surveyingapartment

Building Design


BASIX Certification

Land Surveying

Property Planning Services

Energy Assessments

Council Lodgements and Applications


Project management, Building , and  Construction

Once all the planning and approvals are in place, we will be happy to provide you with our building and contracting services for the project. We have a team of experienced contractors and builders and no project is too small or too complex for our team. We will be happy to provide reference sites and projects for your peace of mind. We will provide written quotes and building contracts and happy to discuss this in details.

Alternately if you decide to engage external builders for your project, we will be happy to  remain as project managers to oversee the entire process. We will be happy to discuss our costs and charges, and we are confident that the savings and peace of mind gained by our Project Management services will far exceed costs for our services in the long run.

Once the building is completed, we will progress to obtaining dwelling occupation certification, along with other relevant documents.